Since the beginning of 2014 Berbetores Industrial has been making new investments in unprecedented technology. This technology consists of thermoforming composite materials using a heating and pressure system.

The treatment of FRPs (Fibre reinforced plastics) requires special heating and pressure technology as well as very precise moulds and equipment that we design and manufacture at our facilities.

Materials used

Aramid + PA

Used in the United Nations emergency tent, it has ballistic properties that are of use to the army as well as in protecting vehicles from bullets

PEI + Fibre glass

One example is the roof of the inside of a train in order to replace current materials. The advantages: A 60% weight reduction and exceptional fire and smoke properties. (The material used in the London underground train system)


We are collaborating with the German company SKL, to create fibre glass sheets that are not interwoven with PA. The great advantage is that this material is very adaptable, making it ideal for coating surfaces as the aforementioned pieces are very light.


We have been able to make the central core of the PP honeycomb 40mm thick. At the same time we have been able to mould the central core of the PP + fibre glass skins or natural fibre. This makes it possible to achieve a homogeneous thickness once moulded.

Carbon fibre + PPS

In collaboration with FIDAMC we are working to manufacture omegas for plane wings.


The main advantage of FRPs is the reduction in weight of pieces as well as the high resistance that many of them possess. Whether for structural purposes or for coatings, the use of these composite materials allows for considerable weight reduction when compared to conventional materials.

Structural pieces