Packing, transport and storage of electric and mechanical components.

Material used: ABS, HDPE, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate. Constant reuse.

Protection for automobiles on assembly lines. We have designed and devised a wide range of protections in different materials such as: TPU+ABS // PP+FOAM// PS-PE +FOAM //PP +TPO and with different systems for anchoring and fastening them to the bodywork.

Thermoformed pallet for logistics. HDPE material. Optimum material for industrial packing and logistics.

Tray for storing cylinder heads. Tray devised to store pieces with sharp edges. The material used is TPU + ABS +TPU, thus avoiding abrasion from the packaging.

Tray for storing for large items being moved. Tray manufactured from Polycarbonate, holds 86 different pieces.